Best Books To Improve Your Programming and Graphic Design Knowledge

Every day we try to learn as much as we can about programming through media, by attending events and conferences, and by any other mean possible. But in this process of never ending a search for knowledge, we tend to forget one source of knowledge that might be the most important one-books. Yes, that’s right, books aren’t outdated yet, as with all the recent technology it might seem that it is. If you haven’t read a single book on web design or programming in general, you’ve got a lot to catch up. Here is a list of books that I found essential for improving your knowledge in programming.

A Smile in the Mind: Witty Thinking in Graphic Design

Now here is a book that you won’t on every corner. Beryl McAlhone really knows how to approach with so-called ‘witty-thinking’ to everyday designer’s problems. It explores the idea of transforming any mildly interesting idea that doesn’t really stand out from the rest, into something truly extraordinary. It includes work from over 300 clients in the USA, so as you can imagine the writer had done quite a research before he started writing this phenomenal book.

A Smile in the Mind

Sagmeister: Made You Look

Just as there is click bait in programming and web design, there is the same kind of action that reaches into observer’s heart in art and music. It is this principle of magnetic attraction that is being discussed here as you follow Stefan Sagmeister’s story with over 20 years of experience in the material to show as an example. Truly a must have you want to expand your views on graphic and web design. This book cost around 22 pounds and was published in August 2009.

Creative Workshop

Just as the name suggest, this book offers plenty of examples on how to run a creative team of web developers. If you have ever struggled to finish a product within the given deadline, this book will be more than useful. Ever had the feeling that the pressure of a deadline is draining your creativity? You’ll be happy to know that you aren’t the only one, as this particular topic is being examined a lot in this book. This and many other topics would await you if you chose to buy this essential book for web designers. Kindle edition goes around 21 pounds, but if that sound a bit too much, you can always get the paperback version for 15 pounds.

Creative Workshop


There are many other topics that important and influential people in web design discuss right now at this moment, but we aren’t there, and the only way to be involved is to stay updated and read books like these.