How Chinese Web Development Techniques Differ From European

The influence of our surroundings always had a great impact on our development in general, whether it’s development of our social skills, ways of conducting everyday business or developments of the individual. In the same way, it has affected our creations, and although programming language is the same, there are different ways of using it. Regarding web development and web design, in particular, it’s beyond obvious that Chinese websites look if not odd than definitely different for European or Western users. But what can we learn from their concept and how can we use that knowledge to improve our techniques?

Organized Chaos

Now, if someone were to say that Asian people are quite good in math, it could be considered as a stereotypical statement. Although there is no doubt that they have different ways of processing thoughts, we can’t confine that view only with math. How they perceive things is rather different that everyone else there is no doubt about it. This is why their web design style is distinguishable from a concept of a website from other countries.

On first look, it appears to be unorganized and chaotic, but for them it’s crystal clear and perfectly managed. So we can notice one thing, their web development is targeting local clientele. As their market is quite different from the rest their goal is how to adapt and attract people speaking their language. So the thing about your targeted group of audience next time you’re preparing a sketch for a new website. Adapt and optimize your interface so that it’s appealing to your audience.

Chinese Web

Everything at Display

If you think about their product placement strategies, you’ll notice that everything is organized in such way that customers get what they need from the first page. Products aren’t separated in groups but in top searched results. If a Chinese website focuses on technology, most of the products will be on display on the first page rather than being separated into groups and categories and then specific types. Everything from drones to smart watches will be displayed directly on the homepage.

If a customer wants something other than top products in technology they would have to go to a specific page on that domain. In other words, popular items have priority and categories are being represented by top choices rather than another way around. And this works for them pretty well. Their traffic is increased, and they get to interact with their customers. If you were to buy something, all you’d have to do is go to a website choose a product and add it to the bag. No additional pages and search bars, simply choose your pick from the home page and proceed to shipment and payment method section. So we go back to targeted audience and market research as monitoring your traffic success and activity is another important strategy for improving your web development skills. So next time you see something different don’t criticize it but rather try to learn something from it.