Biggest Conferences for Graphic Design Enthusiasts That You Don’t want to Miss Out

Let’s face it, if you want to many any progress in graphic design, next to hard work and hours of editing your social media promotional content, you have to get involved and attend certain events. These events can teach you much more than how to be a better designer. You’ll expand your contact list and meet interesting people, acquire useful information, and most importantly socialize and exchange ideas and thoughts. So if understand how important is attending to these meetings, don’t miss out on any from this list.

Brand New Conference

Without pointing out the resemblance in the name of the event and Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel, Brand New Conference is a place where you must be if you are in Chicago, IL in mid-September. Every time the topics are different. You can pre-order ticket, so they don’t run out before you get a chance to buy them.

Adobe Max

There is so much you can learn about design in general on this event, so don’t miss it out as October is closing in on us. It takes place in Los Angeles, and if you choose to attend to it, you’ll have a chance to hear some of the most influential spokesman giving great advice for graphic design.


If you happen to be in New Orleans around 10th of October, don’t forget to visit AIGA conference. Tips for beginners as well as pros, including brand placement and product design associated topics, open discussions and much more.


London, November 12, is the place and the time of one of the biggest conferences about web design, graphic design and every aspect of digital art. If you have a dream to become a professional graphic designer, this is the place to get tips from.


If there were a music festival of massive proportions like Burning Man festival, or Woodstock back in the days, in a world of web design and digital art, it would be Webstock. It is being held in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital, from 9-12 February. There is something for everyone included in web creation in any way.



As simple as that-Interaction, nothing more to the even but that, or is there? Held in various countries and cities, from Helsinki to San Francisco, Interactions is the place to be if you want to learn more about graphic and web design. It is held from 2-4 March, and this year will be the tenth conference held.


Not necessarily the only web-focused conference, South by SouthWest is definitely a must-attend-to event. There are three parts of this conference that cover topics, news, recent events and hot releases. They are music, film and interactive. So if you haven’t been to one already, be sure to visit it his year as there is so much information to absorb by attending to these events.


So invest in your future and start getting tickets for events, ask around for updates on location and date of conferences and most importantly express yourself in open discussions.