Graphic Design Tips- How to Improve Your Communication with Clients

When you’re into graphic design business or any other busies of this sort where you don’t have a chance to directly communicate with your clients, you need to be loud and clear about your terms. Be honest, how many times were you forced to stop collaboration with a specific client? This may happen for various reasons, but what is important is that we should strive to maintain this relationship rather than break it down as soon as we encounter the first problem. So we can agree that communication matters, but how to improve your communication with a client?

Loud and Clear

Now, I can’t stress enough the importance of expressing your terms before your start to even consider whether you’re going to take the job or not. After the first ‘hello’ you should work on figuring out what the client needs and if you are comfortable with those terms. If not, suggest your opinion and set a line beyond which you don’t move your standards. This is extremely important as you’ll save on time and nerves if you find that it is inevitable to abandon the project at its mid phase.


 Lawyer to Lawyer Conversations Only

If you do encounter any problem that seems as unresolvable and client askes for a lawyer, then there is only one thing that you can do. To elevate your communication to a lawyer-to-lawyer type of communication. If a client has his lawyer on the phone and asks you to talk to him simply tell them you’ll get back to them once you have your lawyer on the line and hang up. Under no circumstances no matter how much you panic, should you accept a conversation with your client’s lawyer if you don’t have your own by your side.

Understand Contracts

This is a written form of communication that matters the most. First of all, it goes without saying that if don’t receive a contract until a certain time you should walk away. It’s hard, almost impossible to work something out that is beneficial to you if you worked without a contract and then a client decides he doesn’t want to pay you for your services. But let’s get to the matter of understanding the contract. Contract works as a manual for a scenario when someone brakes any of the rules stated in it. But it is created by you client’s lawyer, so it has some terms that may or may not sound appealing to you. This is why you need to read the whole thing before you sign anything. It’s not as long as Chinese culture, and you always should have time to thoroughly examine it.