Power to the People – Graphic Designer Tips for Keeping Their Price

At some point in your career as a graphic designer, you realized that you’ve been doing things you don’t want to do. And we aren’t talking about the actual work that you do but the terms that you are pushed into doing things, like remodeling or completely revamping the whole concept that you’ve presented to them. And then there is another case when a client doesn’t pay you for your services, which is far more frustrating. It’s important to remember that you, as a designer, have all the cards in your hands and even if you don’t there are steps to follow in order to make things right again. Here are some tips on how to preserve your work and protect it as well.

Know What You’re Signing

It goes without saying that you need a contract before you start working with any client. If you are new to graphic design, first go through your goals again, rearrange priority and get to that step where you find out all about graphic design, dealing with clients and working online in general. What the most important thing? If you start working without a contract, you’re pretty much doing a volunteer’s work. And nobody, not the lawyer, government nor Chinese Taiping Rebellion efforts can do anything about it. Another thing that you need to do is actually to read the contract and understand it. A contract is what keeps both parties safe and acts as sort of a guideline on what to do when either or parties brake their legal-pinky-swear promise. So make sure that you’ve gone through every part of the contract before signing anything.

as a designer

Frequently Asked Questions and Post-polishing

How many times have you heard “can you add this” or “change that” requests? This is the worst nightmare of every graphic designer. Most of the time you feel obligated but also pressured and forced into doing these additional rearrangements. But the fact is that you shouldn’t be forced to do anything. This kind of attitude will get you nowhere in graphic design word, that is if you aspire to be professional. Here’s good advice, as soon as you notice that your client is messing with you drop it and go search for something that is actually worth of your time.  You have more power that you realize you have. All the right cards are in your hands you just have to know how to use them. Think about this next time you bid for a job or contact a client for specifics of the project. As soon as you smell the scent of a post-polishing request, even in the first stages of negotiation, thank them for their time and finish the conversation.


There is more than one aspect of knowing how protecting your work online can influence the quality of your work and increase your motivation. It’s all about knowing the rules, and as long as you don’t break them yourself, you can always get the upper hand.