Top 7 Best Interactive Websites of 2017

Long working hours can seem unbearable sometimes and as those hours pass and work piles you inspiration gets depleted. And although you are motivated to continue with your work and provide ideas to your team so they can continue with their part of the job, sometimes nothing pop’s up in our minds as a fresh idea. Everything that you think of seems like a washed out version of your previous ideas. Luckily there is something that you can do in these and similar scenarios, and that is to turn to your competition. Here are some great interactive websites that will get your inspiration and keep you up and running in search for more.


This interactive web design in pretty simple. It moves with the rhythm of your heart. Chose a method of how you want to connect and see your heartrate as represented by a dancing character on the screen. You can do it on your phone, tablet, via laptop or desktop and a webcam. Place your finger on camera on your laptop, or webcam, or on the touchscreen on your phone or tablet, and your heart beat will show immediately. It’s a great way to fuse fun and web design.


A new generation of creative label brings us this gem of an interactive website.  Finding gems was never this interesting. This is a 3D puzzle based interactive website that lets you play series of games all of which include space and hidden gems. The goal is to rotate and zoom to find what you need.

Falter Inferno

Its beautiful cartoonish graphics, simplicity in shapes, and amazing effects is what made this interactive web design in our list. This German example of how web design should be done could act as inspiration for many.

Falter Inferno

Boom Botix

There are many cases of web design examples that can be taken into consideration as good ones, and this one is definitely among them. Clear graphics, interesting intro animation, and bold typography are what makes this interactive website so great. Great idea for interactive design, indeed something that should be seen more.

Hunter Farmer

Interesting idea that almost makes an interactive website like this acquire a personality as every information about them is infused with the theme of the site. If you ever run out of ideas on how to connect theme with the actual topic that you’re working on, try something like this as it is an excellent way to do it.

A.E. Williams

The reason why this one made in our list is mostly color distribution and object placement. Everything seems like you’ve opened a magazine. Black and white contrast is great and overall design makes it almost a perfect example of a good web design.

Granny’s Secret

This simple yet adorable website will keep you thinking about simplicity and what colors to use to make the most of that theme. Professional photography also plays a small role in contributing the quality to this website.

Granny’s Secret