Top Freebie Brushes and Fonts for your Graphic Design Needs

Although creativity is one thing, tools that you use to express your ideas are also what matters when creating digital art. If you are still in the beginning stages of creation and learning graphic design programs, here are a couple of websites that will get you started with gathering the right tools to create your first logo, banner, poster or an infographic.


If you need a great brush for you sketches, or if you are working on something specific so your need a unique brush, Brushes is where you’ll find it all. It is easy to find what you need. Type a specific brush name in a search bar, look for it in categories or pick one from free brushes. Every shape and color that you can imagine will be here so be sure to support the project and recommend to others.

Brush pack


Another great place to pick your favorite brush for that new project of yours. But brushes aren’t the only things you can get here. There is also a whole variety of patterns, gradients, and vectors. You can also save your favorite brushes and items and come back for them another time. Having an account here actually, improves your searches as it modifies the search options and gives you the results based on your previous searches. This is something that we’ll see more frequently in the future.

Creative Market

This is the place that you want to go to when in need for anything related to Adobe Illustrator resources. The design of the website is beautiful by itself, as it will keep you mesmerized and bound to it. Chose free goods, something from an online shop or become a partner. There are plenty of graphics, templates photos, finished products, 3D, fonts as well as add-ons. It truly is a market that has everything that you need for your graphic illustrations and future projects. Be sure to check it out today, as every once in a while freebies are offered that run out after a couple of days.


Definitely the ultimate database for all you font-loving enthusiasts. If you don’t find what you need here than that which you seek does not exist. Look for bestsellers, or search them by name. Check the category section for any new fonts that you haven’t heard of, or simply go to recently added. Everything is well arranged so that you don’t have to waste your precious time in navigating.

Now that you are equipped with the best tools, you can continue to finishing your project. Keep your eyes peeled for any new fonts and brushes and your designs will always be fresh.