Web Design Trends – Why Bad is the new Good

As we all know web development or web design, in particular, is improving with every post, site, and blog published. Progress is visible and as each day passes we experience new revelations as new ideas start to appear both in our mind and online as already published products. New trends come and go but what sticks around long enough to get recognized and approved is what really matters. This is why finding a new approach to creating the most appealing interface is the hardest task in web design.

The Success of Retro Interface

It seems that a new trend is on the rise. Sites that would be considered in the past as trashy and without any sense of style are growing in numbers. Examples like Adult Swim, Black Ocean or Pinboard for that matter, all have one thing in common-retro/90’s graphics interface that looks like it was either doodled or inspired by Windows 98 theme. Adult Swim can actually justify its trashy looking interface that was done in a comic style, as the website itself provides that kind of material- animated indie movies and cartoons from or inspired by the 90’s. But can the rest of the above-mentioned and all the other similar websites justify their poor choice of colors and style?

How is Making Something Less Appealing Going to Increase Traffic?

Now, this doesn’t work with every type of website as we all have something else to offer. But if you are offering products that are compatible with this style of web design you might actually benefit from using it. But why are people attracted to something as cheese like this? The main reason is that the concept of what is popular is changing, and as we can notice, less quality, in music in particular, with as little sense as possible is actually a good thing. It doesn’t make any sense, but then again neither is Lady Gaga’s video or Rihana’s lyrics.

Self-motivation for Self-preservation

Think about every great idea that came to be in the past and how people were bombarded with influence from every side. They were still able to make it to the realization of their plan. So being consistent and hard headed pays of sometimes. Look at ancient history and China for example- how Chinese wall came to be or how Silk Road and Chinese officials like Zhang Qian became popular enough to be remembered for generations to come.
Every single idea that you think deserves attention or that has potential to become useful is worth your while. So forget about influence and what everybody else tells you, follow your instinct and let it guide you towards creating something truly unique. You are the one that needs to convince everybody else that your way is the right way. Nothing else matters, and as long as you are objective and have the ability to notice the potential, you should pursue your dreams. Think about this next time you have a presentation or offer your opinion.